Free Google Tools That You Should Be Using

Free Google Tools That You Should Be Using


When it comes to free services that can help your marketing and website optimisation, there’s no one better than Google. There are many Free Google Tools and it has become so present and integrated into every inch of the Internet that you practically can’t do without it and it will grow your business.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free website analytics service offered by Google that gives you insights into how users find and use your website. With Google Analytics, you can track ROI for your online marketing.

If you have your WordPress site, integrating Google Analytics is simply a must if you want to know how users are interacting with your website such as; how many are there, what country they come from, what brought them to you, and a lot of other information that you potentially will need.

In short, Google Analytics helps you make decisions based on data. You can justify spending more on your advertising, discover where you should be advertising, and even determine what types of content you need to be putting out there.

For businesses, this means that you can run the entire analytics portion of your marketing and sales efforts right in Analytics, while all other tools are cherry on top.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is not as widely used as Analytics, but it’s useful for WordPress sites. This free tool allows you to run tests on your website to find out what your visitors prefer through different designs or user experience to gain insights about your audience’s behavior.

If you’re running a WordPress website, you can easily set up an A/B test to see which option has the optimal performance – which can be determined by the amount of conversions / sales you receive or even click-throughs.

Optimize will also allow you to segment and target the audience that you want to perform your test with giving you great insight on what your users prefer.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is essential for your site to show up in Google’s search engine, it has to be properly indexed and search engine optimised.

At its core it is a collection of tools and resources to help website owners, webmasters, web marketers and SEO professionals monitor website performance in the Google search index.

Features include information about search appearance, search traffic, technical status updates, crawl data and additional educational resources.

It will also provide you useful data about your website’s performance in terms of organic search engine traffic. If something is going on with your organic traffic stats, this is the first destination where you should look for clues. Search Console will prominently point out any possible issues with your website and let you solve it within the tool’s dashboard.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free tag management platform that enables marketers to deploy and track marketing data by easily adding code snippets to their website or app. It allows marketers to track conversions, website analytics, retargeting, and more without the intervention of webmasters.

Often confused – Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics are two completely separate tools, and can live independently of one another: You can use Google Analytics on your site by itself, just as much as you can use Google Tag Manager on your site by itself.

So what is the difference?

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that helps you record, report and analyse your website’s traffic. It tells you who your visitor is, where does it come from, what actions does he take on your website and so on.

On the other hand, Google Tag Manager is a tag management solution that helps you deploy and manage tools such as Google Analytics, marketing pixels, custom scripts, etc on your website.

Basically, Google Tag Manager solves the problem of pasting tracking/marketing scripts on webpages by providing an easy to use interface of its own.

Google AdSense

AdSense is a service that allows you to monetise your WordPress website. It connects you to advertisers, and you get paid per click on ads that are shown on your website.

Google AdSense is straightforward to set up, and you can start making money from your clicks from day one.

AdSense is a programme that allows bloggers and website owners to make money by displaying Google ads. You’ve probably seen the ads all over the place, including in Google search results. Your website visitors will start clicking those ads and – the best part – you will be paid for it. Google AdSense works on a cost-per-click and revenue-sharing basis. This means that your main task will be to provide as many clicks to those ads as possible.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free service that allows you to see what is happening on one of the most popular search engines in the world. It is more than just finding out which search terms are popular. Instead, it puts these into context through comparisons and by mapping and charting when and where the search terms were (or were not) used.

It is an especially valuable tool if you lack inspiration for what to write about. If you come up with a keyword, Google Trends will show you how popular it is currently and over time – and in addition, for SEO purposes, it can be used to make great keyword choices.

All these Free Google Tools are just the tip of the iceberg – Google is constantly creating new and innovative ways to make the internet more efficient and helpful.