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What is Elementor in WordPress & why we use it.

Elementor is a dynamic WordPress plugin that transforms the website design experience. Ideal for crafting anything from personal blogs to intricate e-commerce sites, Elementor equips you with the necessary tools and flexibility to effortlessly create professional and visually stunning websites.

What Is Elementor in WordPress ?

Elementor is a WordPress plugin that enables users to design websites through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. As a page builder, it eliminates the need for coding, making web design accessible to everyone.

It acts as your website design assistant within WordPress. The plugin simplifies website building into a few drags and drops, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skills.

With the Elementor page builder, your web page becomes a canvas. You can add, move, and style elements in real-time. It offers a wide range of widgets and templates for creating professional-looking pages.

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Why do we use Elementor ?

We have always aimed to make web design accessible for all business owners. With Elementor’s user-friendly interface and robust features that don’t require coding, our team can swiftly and efficiently create stunning websites. This not only enables our clients to manage their sites themselves if they choose but also significantly reduces web development costs.

By allowing Elementor’s developers to handle the coding for widgets and blocks, we can concentrate on crafting visually appealing websites. The Elementor team keeps the code updated, and a large community of web creators continuously expands on it, developing powerful plugins and enhancements that enhance the base version of Elementor.

Strong support for core web vitals & front-end performance.

This is one area where WordPress as an enterprise-grade project really shines. The popularity of WordPress is driven by the comprehensive nature of its plugins and the agility with which those plugins can be deployed and updated, especially when it comes to front-end enhancements for performance and elements like Google’s Core Web Vitals.

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A foundation to expand.

Using WordPress as an online “database with forms”, data from user interactions taking place on the website can be sent to other systems using a variety of methods.

Our experts have deep experience in integrations and automations using API  and software automation tools, to leverage cost savings by reducing labour requirements and delivering a significant decrease in user error.

We can assist with Lead Capture, App Development and deployment as the content manager, and craft practically any solution.

Make the best choice for your website.