What is WordPress?

Unique & Open Source

Powering over 810 million sites, which is over 43% of all websites in existence, there is bound to be a solution for every business using the WordPress eco-system.

WordPress is great for managing content, SEO, and marketing.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which is essentially an online database with forms to edit content, and a pre-defined mechanism to present the data as webpage content.

It can be 100% tailored to your business needs and audience. This may include functionality like blogs, landing pages, project and service listings, and social media integration. With endless possibilities itis the marketer’s platform of choice.

marketing platform
create online presence

Create an online presence.

As a business, you need to present your shop, products and services online in a way that presents the ethos and passion behind your brand, which is ultimately your businesses success.

The framework provides a foundation for our expert design team to crafting custom solutions, both in function and design, that cut through the noise and make your business stand out among your competition.

Beautiful, functional results that deliver return on investment are assured using WordPress and our tried and tested approach.

A predictable web presence.

Backed by millions of passionate developers that are continually improving its architecture, functionality and security. Much of this is done for free – WordPress itself is free to use – but it does require a bit of time investment to keep things on an even keel.  

Like any complex engineering function, there needs to be controlled and continual maintenance of the platform and software. radiantWEB’s professional website maintenance and support services are designed to make your life easier and build a strong foundation for continued growth through digital marketing efforts.

We make sure your website is as secure as possible with our thoroughly tested proprietary site security configurations, and add the best performance enhancing solutions available.  

Your website becomes a strategic online tool using WordPress and radiantWEB’s service.

reducing risk

A foundation to expand.

Using WordPress as an online “database with forms”, data from user interactions taking place on the website can be sent to other systems using a variety of methods.

Our experts have deep experience in integrations and automations using API  and software automation tools, to leverage cost savings by reducing labour requirements and delivering a significant decrease in user error.

We can assist with Lead Capture, App Development and deployment as the content manager, and craft practically any solution.

Make the best choice for your website.